If you live in the Wilmington North Carolina area and you are a home owner you should seriously think about getting a Wilmington refinance. Rates right now are at historic lows and will probably not get lower and will never get to this point anytime soon. There are many reasons to refinance. Of course to take advantage of record low rates so you can reduce your monthly payments. The money you could save could help with any debts you may have. If you had an adjustable rate you can lock in that record low rate with a fixed rate. Or you could do a cash out refinance to get some extra spending cash.
Refinancing can often be complicated especially in the current real estate market. We have worked with many people in many different situations in Wilmington and we always find a way to make a refinance possible. If not it probably isn’t possible. We have even helped people who are upside down on their home. Unfortunately home price have gone down and because of that a lot of people can’t refinance. Even if you have been good with your payments you can still be denied a refinance. However there is a recent program out there that the government has set up to help people take advantage of these record low rates, it’s called the Home Affordable Refinance Program or HARP. So if you’ve been denied a refinance in the past this might be your chance to lower your monthly mortgage payments.
At Coastline Mortgage Consultants we pride our selves on helping our Wilmington neighbors take advantage of record low interest rates. So if you are looking to refinance to save money on your mortgage payments, pay off any debts, pull out extra spending cash or simply want to take advantage of these rates we can help. Even if you’ve had no luck in the past we are confident we can find any possible solution. Just use our FREE Refinance Advisor to see how much you could save.