Raleigh North Carolina is a great place to live, with many activities and things to see and do. Owning a home is a great investment, in fact while the rest of the country the last few years has been seriously hit by the housing bubble, the Raleigh real estate market has stayed pretty consistent since 2000. In fact home sale prices have even grown according to home sale data from Trulia.com. So if you are a home owner you should look into a Raleigh refinance on your property. Interest rates currently are at record lows, levels that haven’t been seen in decades. With them being this low it’s hard to imagine that they will get any lower or stay around much longer.

Taking advantage of these extremely rates can save you potentially hundreds of dollars a month or thousands a year. Imagine what you could do with that extra money. You could pay any debts, expand your home, or just cash out to have some extra spending money.

Even though most of the Raleigh market hasn’t been effected seriously by the housing buddle bursting, there are still some people that might be underwater. Then because of that they can’t get a refinance because their home is now worth less then it was at time of purchase. If you had tried to refinance and hit that road block we do have an alternate program that we have been able to help other clients with. It’s called the Home Affordable Refinance Program or HARP. It’s a special program created to help people refinance that might of not been able to before. In fact just in November of 2011 they made it even easier to qualify.

At Coastline Mortgage Consultants we have helped many people with a Raleigh refinance, and we look forward to helping you. With these record low rates it doesn’t hurt at least see how much a refinance could save you on your mortgage payments. Even if you’ve tried before with no luck, we take pride in helping people that were told a refinance wasn’t possible. Use our FREE Refinance Advisor to see how much you could save.