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There are many Mortgage Companies in Wilmington but few that are as progressive as Coastline Mortgage.  At Coastline Mortgage we know that the lending industry is changing daily, that is why we strive to stay ahead of the game, allowing us to be proactive rather than reactive.  We actively search out new lenders that are offering expanded programs or niche programs with great rates.  Coastline Mortgage is also in the process of becoming a Mortgage Banker which will give us better underwriting turn times and even better rates for our conforming borrowers.  Coastline Mortgage is the premier Mortgage Company in Wilmington for a reason, we strive to achieve what other mortgage companies do not, 100% customer satisfaction.  Click Here today to apply for a loan with the best Mortgage Company in Wilmington, NC!

Being A Mortgage Broker in Wilmington North Carolina gives Coastline Mortgage an advantage over Banks and other Financial institutions.  As a mortgage broker, Coastline Mortgage is set up to originate loans with most wholesale lenders around the country.  This allows us to shop around to all of the Lenders to find the best possible loan program and the lowest possible interest rates.  Mortgage Brokers are not pinned down to using one particular lenders guidelines and programs.  Interest rates change on a daily basis and are different between lenders on any given day.  One Lender might have a relationship with a secondary investor who is looking to purchase 15 year loans resulting in more attractive interest rates for 15 year mortgages.  This allows Mortgage Brokers to hone in on this shift in the market and capitalize on better interest rates for borrowers looking for a 15 year mortgage.
     If you are a borrrower and are looking to get a loan for your purchase or refinance
Click Here to find out why Coastline Mortgage is Wilmington North Carolina's premier Mortgage Brokerage.
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